PVMA Partners with Certified Safety Training to Provide Custom OSHA Safety Services

PVMA Partners with Certified Safety Training to Provide Custom OSHA Safety Services

Failing an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspection can result in tens of thousands of dollars in penalties. To help Members avoid costly penalties by fully complying with mandatory health and safety regulations, the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) is pleased to partner with Certified Safety Training (CST) to introduce the PVMA OSHA Safety Program, an all-in-one solution that provides manuals, on-demand training, digital recordkeeping and a dedicated hotline.

CST has decades of experience helping businesses comply with OSHA regulations and is the leader in providing custom OSHA compliance to small businesses nationwide.

“Providing workplace safety support to our Members is critical to ensuring their businesses are running smoothly and OSHA regulations can be daunting,” said Katie Semuta, CVT, and Director of Member Services & Outreach at PVMA. “We are thrilled to offer CST to our Members to help with their compliance and workplace safety.”

CST will offer PVMA Members fully customized OSHA safety programs (Members must be logged in to their PVMA Member account) including unlimited online training modules, Certified Safety Data Sheets and dedicated compliance consulting. OSHA Compliance Programs give veterinarians and practice managers a comprehensive review of the requirements of select health and safety standards. Each program comes with a written compliance plan, including recordkeeping requirements, fact sheets, customizable forms, and other resources. Programs offered are:

  • Emergency Action and Fire Safety Program
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Program
  • Hazard Communication Program
  • Respiratory Protection Program
  • Personal Protective Equipment Program
  • Spill Response Program
  • Radiation Safety Program
  • Anesthesia Safety Program
  • Hearing Protection Program
  • Ergonomics and Workplace Safety Program
  • Infectious Disease Prevention Program

“We are excited to work with PVMA,” said Mark Harrison, President of CST. “They are a first-rate veterinary association and have been serving their Members successfully since 1883. As a Member benefit, we are able to help PVMA Members navigate the complexities of OSHA at an affordable price with the same customization we have provided to our clients nationwide for 30 years.”

CST and PVMA will also offer an OSHA Hotline as an exclusive benefit for PVMA Members. The hotline, provided at no charge to Members, offers immediate answers to pressing questions regarding health and safety compliance.

Members interested in a complete veterinary OSHA safety audit of their facility and in-person training can enlist CST to visit their facility. The in-person experience will include an onsite inspection, a corrective action plan, staff training, and ongoing recordkeeping.

“In these evolving times, we are grateful to offer both in-person and online OSHA services to veterinarians and their colleagues,” Mark Harrison said. “We know how hard the pandemic has hit the industry. Our job is to help veterinarians stay safe and in compliance affordably and to allow them to do what they do best: serve their families and communities in times of need.”


About PVMA

The Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) is the only statewide professional membership association dedicated exclusively to the profession of veterinary medicine and the interests of the veterinary team. Established in 1883, PVMA Membership has grown from its original 22 founding Members to 3,200+ Members. Today, we represent veterinarians, CVTs, practice managers, and other members of the veterinary team. The focus of our association is professional development, advocacy, and practice vitality to ensure the continued success of our Members. For more information, visit PaVMA.org.


About Certified Safety Training

CST is the leader in veterinary, funeral home, dental, and health care OSHA compliance. Backed by more than 30 years of industry experience and Certified Safety Professionals, CST matches industry expertise with customizable programming to make sure that customers have the highest quality safety programs, plans, training, and advice. From bloodborne pathogens to hazard communications to personal protective equipment to dozens of other topics, CST’s Certified Safety Professionals have successfully helped thousands of employees work safer and smarter. CST is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. For more information, visit certifiedsafetytraining.org.