PVMA’s Political Action Committee (PAC)

The PA Veterinary Political Action Committee (PVPAC) of the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) is in desperate need of monetary contributions from veterinarians like you to help us accomplish our advocacy work. Without PVPAC, PVMA is limited in its ability to influence the legislative process.

Throughout the year, we monitor legislative and regulatory proposals that could adversely impact issues related to veterinarians, animal health and well-being, public health, and food safety. We advocate through our legislative visits at the Capitol to educate legislators and their staff and serve as a resource to them and educate our members and provide opportunities for grassroots advocacy. However, these efforts no matter how robust, only go so far.

The day a legislator is elected, he or she must begin campaigning for the next election. Unfortunate but true and in today’s world, this reality makes it imperative that PVMA support their efforts to be re-elected and be a well-known and respected resource for legislators on issues impacting the veterinary profession, small business, animal health and well-being, public health, and food safety.

It is important for PVMA to support our friends in the legislature to ensure they are there in the next legislative session. Your contributions give us access to the members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly and help us support those legislators who have a proven record of supporting veterinary medicine and key decision makers.

Giving to the PVPAC

Dues dollars cannot be used for campaign contributions; PVPAC is a separate entity whose funds finance PVMA’s legislative campaign efforts.

Choose to contribute and it is an investment of less than $1.50 a day—an investment that helps ensure PVMA has the ability to protect the vitality of the profession, your livelihood, and animal health and well-being. Here is an example of what your investment translates to in daily life expenses:

$1.37 a day (less than the cost of a fountain drink) or $41.67 a month (less than the average dinner for 2 at a restaurant)

$0.69 a day (less than a candy bar) or $20.88 a month (less than going to the movies)

$0.27 a day (nothing is this cheap!) or $8.33 a month (less than the average lunch at a restaurant)

$0.14 a day or $4.16 a month (the cost of a grande coffee drink at a coffee house)