Grassroots Advocacy

PVMA acts as the watchdog of the veterinary profession in Pennsylvania. No one represents the veterinary profession’s interests in Harrisburg as well as we do on the issues affecting veterinary practice and the welfare of animals. An illustration of this is our instrumental involvement in the passage of Act 167 of 2002, the revisions to the Veterinary Medicine Practice Act. PVMA took the lead to ensure that the law was updated in ways that would promote high-quality veterinary medicine and protect the animals we serve.

PVMA strives to advance and protect the practice of veterinary medicine by having an influential presence in Harrisburg. No one else is better positioned to educate the legislature on the importance of veterinary medicine in the Commonwealth and the impact the profession has on animal health and welfare, public health, and food safety.

We have become the go-to resource for our leaders and we work every day to advocate on behalf of veterinarians. We accomplish this through legislative bill monitoring, regular legislative visits, and grassroots opportunities like our Legislative Day for our Members.

PVMA is your exclusive advocate at the state level. No one else protects the way you practice like us.

Who Is My Legislator?

The website of the Pennsylvania General Assembly is an invaluable resource for PVMA Members to keep abreast of when dates of legislative session, current bills, session activity, and to learn who your legislators are and how to contact them.

Report Illegal Practice

Contrary to what some may believe, the PVMA has basically no power to stop someone from practicing medicine or sanction them in any way if they were to commit any violation. The most we can do is revoke their PVMA Membership.

Get Involved – Be an Advocate for your Profession

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