Attracting Younger Workers

Attracting Younger Workers

In today’s society there are several factors that guide millennials in the workplace. They want to be happier than their parents, find more purposeful work and work with better companies. Millennials also want their employers to align with their personal values.

Vacation and sick time are important, but an even bigger lure for young workers is flexible work time. Millennials want to work from home, design their own 40-hour workweek, or have the ability to purchase additional time off. Millennial motivation is also driven by health care and retirement packages. Keep in mind millenials are very tech savvy, so when you need help keeping your website, social or other platforms up to date, use their technical skills to not only help your practice, but allows them define a unique role for themselves.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

HR Tidbit – Attracting Younger Workers

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4 Ideas To Attracting Younger Workers:

  1. Create a thriving corporate culture – A thriving culture allows for creativity and innovation in every corner of the company, because the core values are clear and decisions can be made that always honor those values first.
  2. Employee Benefits – Provide competitive employee benefit packages.
  3. Mentorship – Provide guidance by an experienced employee in the company.
  4. Use unconventional recruitment tools – Put your creative challenges where your ideal candidates will see them, including job ads, billboards, websites, wrap on company cars or whatever – then enjoy the flow of quality qualified candidates they generate.

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