Frequently Asked Questions

Who reads Keystone Veterinarian (KVM)?

It varies from issue to issue. Generally, it is about 3,500. However, many issues are passed around to three or more readers, creating a much higher readership of primarily veterinary professionals. Thus, readership is estimated at 10,000.

What is the circulation?

It is designed and written for the Membership of the PVMA, a trade and professional association, focusing on the veterinary medical industry. Many of our readers are veterinarians, technicians, or assistant. However, many others are more on the business-side of the industry or serve in a business-support role; such as: attorneys, architects, accountants, office managers, HR professionals, etc.

How is the KVM circulated?

Mostly via US Mail. Some issues are hand-delivered. A bunch are given out at trade shows, conferences, and exhibits.

Can I subscribe to KVM without being a PVMA Member?

Yes. It is rare, but it is an option. Contact the PVMA Membership department at 717.220.1437 or An annual subscription is $60.00 in the United States for four quarterly issues.

Who writes for KVM?

The PVMA accepts articles from both Members and non-Members. Of course, you are encouraged to be a PVMA Member to receive the full benefits of the association. Staff also writes numerous articles each year.

Does KVM assign articles to professional writers?

Sometimes. Though not often.

Does KVM pay for articles?

No. Unless we have assigned the article to a professional writer and have agreed to terms beforehand. (See above)

I have an idea. Can I have the concept approved before I begin writing?

Yes. This is actually our preferred way of doing business. We prefer a telephone call to talk out your idea. It only takes a few minutes and saves us both a lot of time. Call 717.220.1437 to discuss.

Is KVM peer reviewed?


Does KVM publish book reviews?

No, KVM does not have a book review section. That said, if you love a book or a concept from it, write an article about. We WILL consider that.

Can I get back issues of KVM?

Maybe. We have limited quantities of back issues. To order back issues for the cost of $8.00 each, which includes shipping and handling if mailed to a US address, contact the editorial team at 717.220.1437 or

Can I order reprints of articles that have been published in KVM?

Yes. We can give you a customized quotation based on the number of articles, the quantity of each, whether you want them printed or emailed, and if you want the advertisements removed from the page(s), if applicable. Be prepared with the answers to those questions then contact the editorial team at 717.220.1437 or

Can I buy the circulation list?

No. Our Members and subscribers highly value our policy of keeping their confidential information, well, confidential.

How do I advertise in KVM?

Our publisher accepts advertisements from Members and non-members alike.