Committees & Task Forces

Committees are the backbone of PVMA, and play an integral role in pursuing the mission of ensuring the vitality of the veterinary profession. Our committees get to the root the issue and discover solutions to help ensure PVMA drive’s the association and veterinary profession forward.

Board of Trustees

As the managing body of the PVMA, these elected leaders represent their individual districts and other specialties, and collectively make decisions to support the overall best interests of the Association and the public as pertains to the veterinary profession.

Scientific Program Committee

The continuing education opportunities PVMA provides are designed with engaging and informative speakers presenting current and relative topics. To ensure the full veterinary team is considered in their education objectives, this committee welcomes the contributions of a diverse group of veterinary professions covering every aspect of the team and invites you to join them.

Veterinary Nursing Initiative Taskforce

This group addresses issues of a nationwide title change, standardized credentialing in all 50 states, education of clients, and protection from un-credentialed staff performing duties of licensed veterinary nurses.

Wellness Committee

Our objective is to plan, promote, and implement wellness initiatives for our colleagues to improve their mental and physical health. Increasing awareness on health topics, providing means of support and guidance, and building programs that support a healthy culture in the veterinary teams, our clients and the general public.

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee

It is vital that the veterinary profession has a voice in the political realm to fortify the best interests of the veterinary team, the animals we serve, and the responsibilities we uphold. This committee works closely with the state legislature to communicate the position of the PVMA Members regarding regulations related to animal health & welfare, food safety & biosecurity, and veterinary medicine.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

By capturing data on the veterinary profession’s demographics, PVMA will be able to better understand the diversity of its members, define goals, and develop a plan to implement effective change. This committee discusses how to educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens allowing each member of our community the full opportunity to thrive in our profession and beyond.

Animal Welfare Committee

These volunteers review and formulate positions on animal welfare issues. They also provide a forum where informed and rational discussions can take place that balances science, ethics, and compassion.

Power of 10 Leadership Selection

This 2-year scholarship program focuses on development of leadership skills, communication with clients and colleagues, wellbeing, networking, building legislative relationships, and involvement in PVMA. This is only available to PVMA Members.

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