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Veterinary Nurse Initiative Task Force
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We Need You!

The veterinary technician profession is looking for a change. This change is attempting to be nationwide, therefore it will, at some point, affect our state. PVMA is asking you, our members, to help our state make an informed decision. PVMA needs a well thought-out, researched plan to either support the Veterinary Nurse Initiative lead by NAVTA (National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America) or for PVMA to oppose this change.

PVMA needs to know:

  • What does the veterinary professional think of the name change?
  • What does the public think of the name change?
  • What actions need to happen to change the name?
  • How will this affect the veterinary profession?
  • How does this affect the human nursing profession?
  • What is NAVTA's process and involvement?

We are asking for volunteers to join a task force that will help research what this change would mean to our state. There will be all types of different ways to help, for example:

  • Help to create a survey that we can send out to veterinary professionals or one to the general public asking for their thoughts of the new title.
  • Reach out and start conversations with your peers, your friends or new acquaintances.

This task force is not just for veterinary technicians. We need practice managers, veterinary assistants, veterinarians, veterinary suppliers, and the public to get a true representation of the profession. The best way to have a true understanding of the issues is to have a diverse group exploring the options.