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2019 Keystone Veterinary Conference Proceedings
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Keystone Veterinary Conference
August 15-18, 2019 – Hershey, PA

Table of Contents
(Listed alphabetically, by last name)- Click on title for downloading. 

Dr. Jessica Basseches  
Introduction to Abdominal Ultrasound

Dr. Jose Biascoechea
Anesthesia And Analgesia In Exotic Companion
Reproductive Medicine And Surgery In Exotic Companion Mammals, New Approaches
Anesthesia And Analgesia In Reptiles
Reproductive Medicine And Surgery In Reptiles, New Approaches
Anesthesia And Analgesia In Birds
Reproductive Medicine And Surgery In Birds 

Mr. Ed Carlson
Nutrition for the Hospitalized Veterinary Patient
Chronic Kidney Disease: Current Recommendations for Nutritional Management
Grain-free, Raw, and Other Diet Trends
Nasogastric Feeding Tubes
Therapeutic Diets: Traditional and Non-Traditional Options
Nutritional Supplements: Fads, Myths, and Facts 

Dr. Paul DeMars
Vaccination Protocols
Obesity and Behavior: Common Problems in the “Healthy” Pet
Otitis in the Dog
Allergic Dermatitis
Parasite Control for the Healthy Dog

Dr. Tracy Farone

Wanta Bee a Bee Vet?
Bees: Our Newest, Cute, Fuzzy Animal
Yep. Bees Get Sick…Kinda Like Everybody Else
Vitamin Bee? The Importance of Honey Bee Nutrition
Bee Stressed? One Health & The Bees

Dr. Carol Ferguson
Mousse is Where It’s At: Keeping it Skin Simple!
Skinfomercial: The (Untold) Secrets of Good-Looking Pets
Tentative Diagnosis: Stress is Impacting Your Dermatologic Patients

Dr. Amanda Hartnack
Ruminant Field Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia and Injection Protocols
Fluid Therapy Made Easy: Calves, Kids, and Lambs
Fluid Therapy Made Easy: Adult Ruminants
Lameness: Beyond Footrot

Dr. Sharon Hoffman
The Oral Exam: More is Missed by Not Looking, Than Not Knowing
Shades of Gray: Intraoral Radiograph Interpretation
Broken Faces and Other Emergencies
Open that Meowth - Feline Dentistry
Stress Free Mandibular Canine Extractions
Myth and Misconception in Veterinary Dentistry 

Dr. Kristin Jacob
Pulmonary Hypertension in the Canine Patient
Feline Cardiology: Why is it so hard?

Dr. Annette Litster
Lyme Disease: A Growing Concern
Feline Heartworm Disease Update

Ms. Erica Mattox
Pharmacology for the Anesthetist
Advanced Anesthesia Monitoring
Anesthetic Emergencies
Rounds for Veterinary Technicians
The Art of Patient Care - Parts 1 & 2

Dr. Jay McDonnell 
Approach to Chronic Seizure Patient
At-Home Treatment of Status Epilepticus
Syndromes Approach to the Neuro Patient
Treatment Options for the CNS Tumors

Dr. Michael Nappier
There and Back Again: Low Stress Visits for Dogs and Cats - Parts 1 & 2
Where Have All the Felines Gone?
Happy Cats, Happy Vets 
Case Discussion: Common High Stress Scenarios

Dr. Ashleigh Olds-Sanchez 
Look, Touch, and Listen! Equine Patient Assessment
I Have Examined My Critical Patient: What Now?
Diagnosis and Treatment of Septic Pedal Osteitis and Keratomas in the Horse
Sedatives, Tranquilizers, Opioids and NSAIDS in the Horse
Killing Bacteria Without Killing Your Patient
How to Perform Standing Enucleation in the Horse

Dr. Amy Polkes

Equine Diagnostic Testing: Infectious Disease 
Equine Diagnostic Testing: Non-Infectious Disease
Updates on Endocrine Disorders Including PPID and Insulin Dysregulation

Dr. Sheilah Robertson
The Central Role of Ketamine in Pain Management
The Impact of Obesity on Anesthesia
Real World – Real Case: Managing Mobility Issues in a Senior Dog
Too Old for Anesthesia?
Assessing and Managing Chronic Pain in Cats
Saying Goodbye – Navigating the Last Appointment

Ms. Heather Romano
Helping Leaders Learn to Lead
Asking for a Raise with Confidence
The Next Invasion: Preparing for Generation Z
Managing Passive Aggressive Personalities
Be the Boss, Not the B*tch
New Generation of Culture

Ms. Rebecca Rose
Navigating Client Communications: Conflict to Empathy
Speaking Client: It’s All Greek to Me
Empathy or Sympathy or Sorry; Oh My!
The Art of Valuing and Explaining a Treatment Plan
Difficult Client Communications & Resolutions
Improving Client Communications is Win/Win/Win

Dr. Steven Rosenthal
Screening for and Management of Inherited Cardiac Disorders 
Chronic and Emergency Use of Diuretics in the Small Animal Cardiac Patient

Dr. Julia Shih
Cardiac Nutrition
Atrial Fibrillation

Dr. Rebecca Syring
Feline Urinary Obstruction
Canine Hemoabdomen
Pericardial Effusion
CPR: A Crash Course in Saving Lives

Ms. Courtney Waxman
Triage & Initial Patient Assessment
Let’s Talk Shock
RECOVER CPR for Veterinary Technicians
Daily Nursing Assessment of the Critical Patient
Anesthesia & Analgesia for the Critically Ill
Clinical Approach to the Toxicity Patient

Dr. Nicole Weinstein
Calcium regulation + Hypercalcemia
Lymphoma (or maybe not) – Selecting and interpreting the tests to diagnose or rule out lymphoma
More than an acronym – Review of add-on tests
Renal physiology review and case discussions
Elevated liver enzymes in cats – Case discussions and review of liver function and physiology
Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s a pre-analytical variable – not all blood work abnormalities are related to disease: Breed differences & pre-analytical considerations

Ms. Rachel Poulin 

Canine and Feline Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Diabetic Do's and Don'ts
Blood Glucose Curve Chart
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in the Canine and Feline Patient

Dr. Michael Rossi
Diagnostic Sampling of the Dermatology Patient
Multimodal Therapy: Improving the Management of Allergic Diseases
Dermatology Case Rounds


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