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3 Rivers Tracks and Schedule
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A schedule of tracks, room locations and times is available for download. PVMA will continue to update this webpage as soon as changes occur, so check back often.


Saturday, November 2, 2019

7:00 am: Registration Opens and Continental Breakfast

8:00 am:  Session 1

9:05 am: Session 2

10:05 am: Break

11:00 am:  Session 3

11:55 am: Lunch

1:00 pm:  Session 4

2:00 pm: Session 5

2:55 pm: Break

3:35 pm:  Session 6

4:30 pm: End of day 1

Sunday, November 3, 2019

7:00 am: Registration Opens and Continental Breakfast

8:00 am: Session 1

9:05 am: Session 2

10:00 am: Break

10:30 am: Session 3

11:25 am: Lunch

12:15 pm: Session 4

1:15 pm: Session 5

2:10 pm: Break

2:20 pm: Session 6

3:15 pm: End of day 2


Speaking on Saturday, November 2

(Lectures in order of session)

Dr. Lauren Forsythe, Dr. Kate Boatright (sessions 5 & 6)

Track: Veterinary Pharmacology 

  • Session 1: Compounded Medications – The Basics
  • Session 2: Transdermal Compounds – When to Use and When to Avoid
  • Session 3: Hidden Hazards – Safe Medication Handling Considerations
  • Session 4: In-House Compounding Considerations
  • Session 5: Veterinarians and Pharmacists Working Together – The Basics
  • Session 6: Veterinarians and Pharmacists Working Together – Addressing the Problems

Dr. Sandra Sargent

Track: Small Animal Sponsored Track

Sponsored By: Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo logo

  • Session 1: But My Pet Only Eats Organic, Natural Food: How Could it be Food Allergy?
  • Session 2: Can My Pet get MRSA?
  • Session 3: Yucky Ears, Do Your Smears!

Dr. Jane Sykes

Track: Small Animal Sponsored Track

Sponsored By: Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health

BI logo

  • Session 4: Leptospirosis: A New Era of Diagnosis and Prevention - Part 1
  • Session 5: Leptospirosis: A New Era of Diagnosis and Prevention - Part 2

Dr. Kevin Benjamino

Track: Companion Animal Surgery

  • Session 1: The GDV Emergency: Initial Stabilization and Surgical Technique
  • Session 2: Gastrointestinal Surgery: From Biopsy to Resection
  • Session 3: Laryngeal Paralysis: A Noisy Condition
  • Session 4: Urethrostomies: Tips and Tricks to a Successful Urethrostomy in the Cat and Dog
  • Session 5: Urinary Tract Emergencies – Stabilizing the Lower Urinary Tract Emergency
  • Session 6: The Complete Abdominal Exploratory

Ms. Katy Waddell

Track: Companion Animal Anesthesiology

  • Session 1: The Cardiovascular Exam: See Me, Feel Me, Hear Me
  • Session 2: Patient Monitoring: What Are Your Machines Telling You?
  • Session 3: Patient Monitoring: What Are Your Machines Telling You?
  • Session 4: Feline Friendly Nursing Care
  • Session 5: Safe Feline Sedation and Anesthesia
  • Session 6: Pain Recognition and Management

Dr. Stephanie Ringler

Track: Regulatory APHIS/USDA

  • Session 1: Exotic Avian Diseases
  • Session 2: Foreign Animal Disease Detection in Category 1 Animals
  • Session 3: Interstate and International Health Certificates for Category 1 Animals

Dr. David Wolfgang

Track: Regulatory

  • Session 4: Practicing In Pennsylvania: Regulations And Recordkeeping – Part 1
  • Session 5: Practicing In Pennsylvania: Regulations And Recordkeeping – Part 2
  • Session 6: Practicing In Pennsylvania: Regulations And Recordkeeping – Part 3


Speaking on Sunday, November 3, 2019

Dr. Jason Soukup

 Track: Companion Animal Dentistry 

  • Session 1: To Extract or Not Extract: Exodontia vs. Endodontics
  • Session 2: Flap Design in Oral and Periodontal Surgery
  • Session 3: Tips and Pitfalls of Challenging Extractions and Their Complications
  • Session 4: Oral Mass Assessment and Diagnosis: Steps Prior to a Potential Referral
  • Session 5: Contemporary Understanding of Odontogenic Tumors
  • Session 6: Recognition and Management of Oral Traumatic Injuries

Dr. Aimee Brooks

Track: Companion Animal Internal Medicine

  • Session 1: Climbing the Tree of Life: A Physiology-Based Approach to Shock
  • Session 2: Fun with Fluids and ‘lytes
  • Session 3: Transfusion Medicine: Nuts and Bolts
  • Session 4: DKA and HHS: So Sweet it Makes Your Brain Hurt!
  • Session 5: The Respiratory Distress Cat: Is it The Heart?
  • Session 6: Uppers and Downers: Emerging Neurotoxins in Veterinary Medicine

Ms. Ann McClenaghan

Track: Companion Animal Hospice

  • Session 1: Sooo...What is Veterinary Palliative and Hospice Care?
  • Session 2: The Veterinary Technician's Invaluable Role In End Of Life Palliative Care
  • Session 3: Learning to Live in the Moment: Understanding and Helping the Pet Caregiver with Anticipatory Grief
  • Session 4: How to Start a Pet Palliative/Hospice Caregiver Support Group: YOU CAN DO THIS!
  • Session 5: Compassion Fatigue in the Veterinary Practice: Yes, The Struggle Continues
  • Session 6: The Important Role Of The Veterinary Technician In Developing And Implementing An Animal-Assisted Intervention Program

Dr. David Wolfgang

Track: Production Animal

  • Session 1: Enhance Your Mixed Animal Practice-Develop Protocols
  • Session 2: Enhance Your Mixed Animal Practice-Enhance Productivity and Profitability for Your Small to Mid-Sized Farmers
  • Session 3: Enhance Your Mixed Animal Practice-Be the Advocate and Educator to Address Animal Welfare Concerns
  • Session 4: Enhance Your Mixed Animal Practice-Help Niche Farmers Address Public Health Concerns of Veterinary Origin
  • Session 5: Enhance Your Mixed Animal Practice-Under Appreciated Opportunities with Deer, Fish, and Semi-wild Species
  • Session 6: Enhance Your Mixed Animal Practice-Grow Your Consulting Skills so You Direct Animal Health Programs vs. Just Treat Animal Identified by Owner

Ms. Rebecca Rose

Track:Veterinary Professional Wellbeing

  • Session 1: Outline Trends in Veterinary Medicine Impacting Personal Lives and Professional Careers
  • Session 2: Define the Ideal Culture and Healthy Working Environment
  • Session 3: Fill in the Gap Between the Current Culture and the Ideal Culture
  • Session 4: Design a Personal and Professional Vision Board
  • Session 5: Work Through a SMART Goal in Veterinary Team Wellbeing
  • Session 6: Create KPIs in Wellbeing