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3 Rivers Proceedings
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3 Rivers Veterinary Symposium Proceedings

(Listed alphabetically, by last name)


Dr. Kevin Benjamino

Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV)

Gastrointestinal Surgery: From Biopsy to Resection

Laryngeal Paralysis: A Noisy Condition

Urethrostomies: Tips and Tricks to a Successful Urethrostomy in the Cat and Dog

Urinary Tract Emergencies – Stabilizing the Lower Urinary Tract Emergency

The Complete Abdominal Exploratory


Dr. Aimee Brooks

Climbing the Tree of Life: A Physiology – Based Approach to Shock

Fun with Fluids and ‘lytes

Transfusion Medicine: Nuts and Bolts

DKA and HHS: So Sweet it Makes your Brain Hurt!

The Respiratory Distress Cat: Is it The Heart?

Uppers and Downers: Emerging Neurotoxins in Veterinary Medicine


Dr. Lauren Forsythe

Compounded Medications – The Basics

Transdermal Compounds Formulary

Hidden Hazards – Safe Medication Handling Considerations

In-House Compounding Considerations


Dr. Lauren Forsythe & Dr. Kate Boatright

Navigating the Muddy Water of Pharmacy: Improving Communication and Reducing Errors


Ms. Ann McClenaghan

Introduction to Veterinary Palliative & Hospice Care

The Veterinary Technician's Invaluable Role in End of Life Palliative Care

Learning to Live in the Moment: Understanding and Helping the Pet Caregiver with Anticipatory Grief

How to Start a Pet Palliative/Hospice Caregiver Support Group

Compassion Fatigue in the Veterinary Practice: Yes, The Struggle ContinuesCompassion Fatigue in the Veterinary Practice: Yes, The Struggle Continues

The Important Role of The Veterinary Technician in Developing and Implementing an Animal-Assisted Intervention Program


Dr. Sandra Sargent

 The Art vs. Science of working-up Cutaneous Adverse Food Reactions

 Pyoderma: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

 Yucky Ears, Do Your Smears!


Dr. Jason Soukup

 To Extract or Not Extract: Exodontia vs Endodontics

 Surgical Flap Design in Oral and Periodontal Surgery

 Tips and Pitfalls of Challenging Extractions and Their Complications

 Oral Mass Assessment and Diagnosis: Steps Prior to a Potential Referral

 Contemporary Understanding of Odontogenic Tumors

 The General Practitioners’ Role in the Management of Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma


Dr. Jane Sykes

Leptospirosis: A New Era of Diagnosis and Prevention – Part 1 & 2


Ms. Katy Waddell

The Cardiovascular Exam: See Me, Feel Me, Hear Me

Patient Monitoring: What are Your Machines Telling You?

Anesthesia Options for the Cardiac Patient

Feline Friendly Nursing Care

Safe Feline Sedation and Anesthesia

Pain Recognition and Management