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2019 Hall Of Fame Awards
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The Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association and Animal Care PA proudly presented the 2019 Hall of Fame Awards During our annual Hall of Fame Awards, which was held at the Keystone Veterinary Conference (KVC) on August 15, 2019. Together they recognized some of Pennsylvania’s and veterinary medicine’s finest!

Meet This Year's Winners...


President’s Awards are given to honor and recognize an achievement or activity of any individual or company that deserves more than a letter of commendation but does not qualify for an existing PVMA award.

One Dog at a Time

Completely volunteer-run and working throughout the entire Commonwealth, they have grown from helping just 1 or 2 dogs, to a resource that many look to for help and guidance.

There is no end to the lengths they will go to in order to help animals in need. Despite their name, they have helped everything from cats to dogs to horses, and probably some other species we don’t even know about. Just as important, though, is they serve as a resource for local and state police departments in the realm of animal cruelty, helping to educate them on proper procedures, offering what little space they have as a place to hold animals involved in cruelty and neglect cases, and even providing police departments with the tools needed to help take care of animals they may come across in their work.

Congratulations One Dog at a Time!



Christina (Tina) Dougherty, VMD and Sherrill A. Davison, BA, VMD, MS, MBA

When our long-term Executive Director resigned at the end of August last year, there were 2 Past Presidents of PVMA who stepped up to fill the temporary void of organizational leadership. Both Dr. Sherill Davison and Dr. Tina Dougherty sacrificed what very little free and spare time they had in their lives to volunteer to come to the PVMA office and keep the wheels turning while our search for a new Executive Director began.

They brought with them the knowledge, institutional memory, and expertise needed at a time when many plates were still spinning, and important events were still upcoming. Through their dedication and sacrifice for the good of our association, PVMA was able to safely navigate what could otherwise have been very turbulent times.

Congratulations Dr. Dougherty & Dr. Davison!



Lifetime Achievement Award

John F. Hampson, VMD

The PVMA Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a member of the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association who has demonstrated a lifetime of selfless dedication to Pennsylvania’s veterinary profession. The 2019 recipient of this award is Dr. John F. Hampson.

The accolades that were put forth in his nomination would be enough to cover an entire Luncheon on their own for this founder of Wyomissing Animal Hospital. He has been there for the animals of Berks County for 40 years, and over that time has devoted his life to their care and well-being. Perhaps nothing sums up the dedication Dr. Hampson has for his profession and community than this quote from his nominee. “Today, while I write this recommendation, Dr. Hampson is standing in the rain, with his Great Pyrenees, Rhonda (a rescue dog), directing traffic for a 5K fundraiser for the Reading Symphony Orchestra.” Or this one.  “His life has been an example to me of what it truly means to be a veterinarian. We are not simply animal doctors. We are doctors who are committed to the well-being of the animals within our communities, and in turn, to the people of our communities.”

Congratulations Dr. Hampson!

Joan Hendricks, VMD, Ph.D. Distinguished Leadership in One Health Award

Calvin DuBrock

The Joan Hendricks, VMD, Ph.D. Distinguished Leadership in One Health award is presented to an advocate and champion for the one health initiative. They have collaborated spanning partnerships between human and animal health. This year's winner has been a major part of the one health task force in Pennsylvania.

Involved in the concept of One Health in PA from its inception, Calvin has been instrumental in providing the leadership needed to continue the Commonwealth's forward momentum in the realm of One Health.

Without his dedication, vision, and sheer will to get One Health Initiatives done such as the Goodard One Health Forum last year, One Health in PA would not be where it is today.

Congratulations Calvin!

Distinguished Veterinary Service Award

Mark P. Helfat, DVM

The Distinguished Veterinary Service Award is presented annually to a member of the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association for an outstanding act or achievement to the veterinary profession over a period of years.

A 1977 graduate of Cornell University, he has probably seen and done it all in veterinary medicine to this point, from bull blood draws to dairy herd work to his love of beagles to advocacy. It is this latter where he has had his passion over the past years, working up from NJVMA Delegate to the AVMA to our District 2 representative for 6 years and eventually all the way up to the “Chair of the Board of Directors” of the AVMA. Through it all he has fought for the profession and making it better, especially in the area of student debt and financial hardships through his advocacy efforts.

He has also served as a very important mentor for many new grads in the realm of veterinary medicine and in the often-turbulent waters of advocacy and organized veterinary medicine. We all know the profession on so many levels will be left better off by his efforts.

Congratulations Dr. Helfat!

Veterinarian of the Year Award

Philip Aquadro, DVM

The Veterinarian of the Year Award is given to a PVMA member for an outstanding achievement in veterinary medicine within the year in which the award is given.

Serving the rural areas of Central PA through his years of mixed animal practice at Town and Country Animal Hospital in Warriors Mark, he has been a mentor to many new graduates and veterinarians over the years while also providing outstanding care to all the animals, big or small, that come his way.

Embodying what all strive to be in this profession, he has taught many a mentee about the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of veterinary medicine, always willing to be there to lend a hand or a sympathetic ear. Be it handling a difficult case, handling a difficult client, or just handling a difficult animal, he has done it all and is more than willing to impart that wisdom and expertise to the next generation of vets.

Congratulations Dr. Aquadro!

Certified Veterinary Technician of the Year Award

Paula S. Baker, LVT, RVT

The Certified Veterinary Technician of the Year Award is presented annually to a PVMA member for an outstanding achievement in veterinary technology. The 2018 recipient of the Certified Veterinary Technician of the Year Award is Paula Baker, LVT, RVT.

A large animal certified vet tech serving two hospitals, she has served as a mentor to staff members just entering the profession, a valuable source of knowledge and expertise to both staff and clients alike, and above all works with the dedication and tireless passion to what is best for all of her patients, day in and day out.

Congratulations Paula!

Practice Manager of the Year Award

Arwen Wainscott

The Practice Manager of the Year Award honors a PVMA member who has shown excellence and leadership in the field of practice management in the last year. Managing one veterinary hospital may be more than most can handle…managing 3 at the same time seems almost superhuman, but that is what Arwen does with a constant smile and cherub like demeanor on a daily basis. Always there for her team of dozens of employees and thousands of clients, she works tirelessly and passionately for this profession and the hospitals she manages.

Congratulations Arwen!

Veterinary Industry Partner Award

Blake Sumner, Boehringer Ingleheim

The Veterinary Industry Partner Award is presented to a Veterinary Industry Partner member of the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association for showing steadfast commitment to the Association and the veterinary profession. Going beyond just being a sales representative for first Merial and now Boehringer Ingleheim, Blake works tirelessly to provide his clients with the best products and service. A huge supporter of the PVMA’s Power of 10 program, he has gone above and beyond in his service to all his clients.

Congratulations Blake!

Animal Welfare Advocacy Award

Meghann K. Pierdon, VMD

The Animal Welfare Advocacy Award recognizes a PVMA member who has demonstrated outstanding compassion and/or developed programs for the welfare of animals. Through her lectures and challenges posed to the students she teaches, Dr. Pierdon has been working to help shape the future in the realm of animal welfare. All of the students who have the honor of working with her come away from her course with new thoughts and ideas about this important area of veterinary medicine. 

Congratulations Dr. Pierdon!

Wodan Animal Hero Award

The Wodan Animal Hero Award was created in 2001 to recognize the courageous and heroic acts of Pennsylvania animals in the preservation and protection of animal or human life. The award was named after its inaugural recipient, Wodan, a Harrisburg City police dog who was injured in the line of duty. The Wodan Animal Hero Award includes a commemorative plaque and a $200 donation in the animal’s honor to an animal-related charity.

Luca, owned by Deputy Josh Long

“Luca” serves the public both through his hard work as a bomb detection dog, having been involved in over 2,800 searches to date, and through his interaction with the public demonstrating the importance of police dogs at numerous events such as Bark for Life. Showing that dogs, in fact, may also have 9 lives, he survived a 30ft fall from a parking garage while on assignment and is currently working to be rehabbed to return to full active duty.

Congratulations Luca!

Wayne Mountan Memorial Media Award

Julie Stank

The Dr. A. Wayne Mountan Memorial Media Award is awarded for excellence in communicating veterinary medical contribution to animal and public health to the public by the news media. This year's winner has used her position in the media to advocate for the well being of pets.

As an executive producer of the morning show out of York, she has helped all pet owners become better informed through a monthly segment on pet health that reaches viewers in the Susquehanna Valley area. Her segments have covered everything from dogs to lizards to birds.

Congratulations Julie!

Richard H. Detwiler Cornerstone Service Awards

There are two Richard H. Detweiler Cornerstone Service Award recipients for 2019.

Deborah Landis, VMD

The first recipient is Dr. Deb Landis. She has been an active member of the Board for many years. More specifically she has and continues to be the “Force” behind our Last Chance program where she and her committee have grown our Bark In The Park fundraiser every year and she is a demonstrated leader as Chair of our Scholarship Committee in ensuring that funds are available for both veterinary students and veterinary technicians each year.

No one has described Deb better that former PVF Chair Larry Gerson when he speaks of Deb as a tireless worker for good; a role model for the profession; and a great mother, veterinarian and compassionate individual.

Congratulations Dr. Landis!

Kimberly Topper

Kimberly has been the quintessential role model for a non-veterinary member of our Board of Trustees for many years. She brought devotion, non-profit expertise and hard work values to our Board and for many years organized and ran our Golf Tournament fundraiser as well as other PVF events.

While she herself was not a veterinarian, she understands both the challenges of veterinary medicine and the unmet needs of both animals and their owners. Coincidentally her spouse, Michael Topper, has been a long-time member of PVMA and recent Past President of the AVMA.

Congratulations Kimberly!

Power of 10 Leadership Academy

Thank you to our fourth class of the Power of Ten Leadership Academy for taking the time to focus on your professional and personal development with PVMA. Based on an initiative generously supported by Elanco Animal Health as part of their commitment to the veterinary profession and state veterinary associations, the Power of Ten Leadership (P10) Academy is designed to cultivate leadership capacity in recent graduates and provide learning experiences that will enrich them as individuals and benefit the practices where they work, the communities where they live, and the profession they love.

2018-2019 Power of Ten Class:

Laura Cincotti, DVM
Sarah Dale, DVM
Joanelle Hernandez-Lopez, VMD
Andrea Osborne, DVM
Joanna Parr, VMD
Whitney Wolfgang, DVM

Congratulations on completion of your Power of Ten Experience!