DoorDash User Guide

Follow these simple steps to get your DoorDash voucher in time for your district meeting.


Go to to create an account. Please note, they will ask for a credit card for the account.


Use the same email address you provided in your PVMA District Meeting registration.


Your $35 voucher will be available on the date of your district meeting from 12:00 pm till 10:00 pm.


Choose a restaurant.


Look for the banner at the top of the page.


Click ‘Learn More’ to see when you’re eligible to apply a budget.


Place your order!

FAQ / Troubleshooting

My budget isn’t showing up.

Ensure that you are using a web browser, not the mobile app, that your order does not include alcohol (budgets can’t apply toward alcohol currently), and that you’re within the budget time frame.

Did joining my company work?

You’ll see your company portal in the pull-out menu to the left if you’ve joined successfully. (See screenshot below.)

“I’m hungry…”

We have a good solution for that…

Will my DashPass still work?

Yup! The budget will apply to the total after DashPass or any promo is added.