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Helping to Shape PVMA

If you are interested in getting more involved in a PVMA committee, contact us at vmiller@pavma.org or 888.550.7862.

Animal Welfare Committee
Reviews and formulates positions on animal welfare issues and provides a forum where rational discussion can take place that balances science, ethics and compassion on these issues. Assists with development of PVMA’s Annual Animal Welfare Forum.

Outreach Committee
Suggests story ideas and contributing authors for PVMA’s keystone veterinarian magazine; reviews content before publication and provides input on content for the PVMA website and other member communications. Selects nominees to receive the PVMA annual awards, judges National Pet Week digital photography contest entries, and develops public relations campaigns and initiatives for the association.

Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee
Monitors and reviews state and federal legislation and regulations related to animal health and welfare, food safety and biosecurity, business, and veterinary medicine to determine if the association should develop a position or provide input.

Member Services Committee
Evaluates existing and new services and products to identify if the service or product continues to be or would be beneficial to our members, offer some type of special incentive or discount to PVMA members exclusively whether or not the company can service all members equally, service all members across the state equally or only a specific geographic region, and provide non-dues revenue to the association. Evaluates new dues and membership models to meet the changing needs of the profession. Evaluates member and non-member feedback from needs assessments to identify areas of focus for PVMA. Develops programs and services that are of benefit to veterinary students and identifies ways PVMA can support the student body at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine.

Governance Committee
Identifies potential candidates for office and future leaders for the association and assesses board functions.

Scientific Program Oversight Committee
Selects speakers and topics and develops and implements the association’s continuing education programs.