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Football Parties And Hazards For Our Pets

Posted By Jaime Markle, Thursday, January 18, 2018
Updated: Thursday, January 18, 2018

Football Party Hazards

Football Parties And Hazards For Our Pets

by Greg Wiley, Senior Manager, Public Relations
Petplan Pet Insurance

With the conference championship games this weekend and the Super Bowl on Feb 4, there are sure to be a fair share of house parties to watch the games. Football fare is nearly irresistible for dogs — especially when sitting at eye-level — but even cats can grab a piece of the action. Unfortunately, furry fans who intercept game day grub are likely to catch more than they bargained for.  Pet parents can find themselves at the emergency room, dishing out cash to treat their sick pup instead of high fives for great plays.

Petplan pet insurance encourages would-be revelers with pets to think carefully before serving the following:

  • Brew-hoo — Just like people, some animals have a taste for beer. But think twice before pouring your pet a pint: even a nip can cause fatal respiratory depression. 
  • No bones about it — Chicken wings have especially fine bones, which can splinter easily and puncture the GI tract. Besides, the sauces are virtually guaranteed to cause an upset stomach.
  • Not fun-ion — Onion rings are doubly dangerous: onions in any form are poisonous to pets and fried foods can cause diarrhea.
  • (Don’t) pick ‘em — Toothpicks make a nice presentation for cubed meats, cheeses and other appetizers, but can cause severe and potentially fatal damage to pets’ GI tracts, if swallowed.
  • Aw, nuts! — Many nut varieties have a devastating effect on dogs’ nervous systems. Walnuts and macadamias are especially toxic and can cause vomiting, paralysis and even death.

Costs for pet parents can range from an average of $830 for treating onion toxicity to thousands of dollars for GI tract surgery.

Here are some tips from Petplan Staff Veterinarians on how to avoid that costly trip to the ER.

  • Start with a game plan - For some pets, the temptation may simply be too great. If that’s the case, seek alternative arrangements before hosting, or consider leaving your pet at home, if attending.
  • Watch the turnovers - When begging doesn’t work, dogs may resort to linebacker tactics: playing smart and aggressive. Encourage guests to minimize the risk of fumbling food by sitting at a table or using snack trays.
  • The best defense is a good offense - Go for the extra point by keeping pet-friendly snacks handy for hounds with hungry eyes. Better yet, go for two with pigskin-themed pet treats!
  • Don’t leave it all on the field - Keep an eye on unattended plates and cups — and make sure to clean up promptly. Even if they’re blocked at the line of scrimmage, sufficiently motivated dogs will run the end-around without a second thought.

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