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  Ways to Partner With PVMA
Very Important Veterinarian (VIV)

Started in 2009, the veterinary equivalent to the VIP! PVMA’s Very Important Veterinarian VIV” program allows you, as one of our corporate partners, to reward a prized client with a complimentary registration to one of our educational programs throughout the year. Our “VIV” program provides you the opportunity to show appreciation to a “very important veterinarian” and at the same time increase attendance at one of our conferences and potentially your own bottom line. You may earn a complimentary “VIV” registration with conference sponsorship or purchase individual “VIV” vouchers to distribute to your favorite veterinary clients.

Each VIV voucher will be sent you and include reference to your company’s sponsorship including your logo (if provided) for you to personally present to your “VIV.” Even if you cannot attend, you may purchase VIV vouchers to show your support of your favorite veterinarians and PVMA!